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New book by Mary Murphy gaining 5 stars!

We’re so excited to share that the new book we helped Mary Murphy publish is garnering great reviews!

You can grab your own copy – Kindle or Paperback – on Amazon (any of them) with the ASIN B0BPBCVN14

Gliding seamlessly over the waves of genre diversity, within these 308 pages, the reader will find a novella, a novelette, seven short stories, four flash fiction stories, and three poems. The reader is swept into the undulating current of time to become a traveler, a witness, and a companion to lives that have passed and those that are yet to be. Wander [past]Ireland, America, [future]Greece, and [sometime-this-century] Scotland, hear the voices, meet the characters, and revel in their adventures.

These stories take place in [past]Ireland, the United States, [future]Greece, and [sometime-this-century] Scotland, using vernacular from corresponding countries. Some don’t have a place, time, or vernacular at all.

Wander back to a simpler, but more secretive, time when Neala meets Imogen and unspoken love unfolds over a lifetime. Meet our future selves, resisting globalized government control and a world of hologram consciences that want independence. Follow a charlatan from her humble mining town beginnings to her unceremonious career-ending visit from an old friend. Delight in a painter’s dreamscape of swans, and the bickering banter of Irish spirits across a graveyard. More stories await you… dive in!