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Artist Services

Your presence and promotional materials are as important as your music and performance skills.

And having someone who can do the talking for you helps, too.

Let us help you with great EPKs and management support that help you get hired. And re-hired.

An EPK should include:

  • Well written promotional bios
  • Professional photos that serve promoters well
  • Quality video – even if not professionally produced – that helps a promoter get a good sense of your performance
  • A BAND bio – something that sums up who you are as a group, what you perform and who your audience is
  • Quality Sound clips or full downloads
  • When applicable, broadcast quality mp3s for radio use
  • A selection of poster blanks
  • A selection of other materials promoters can use to sell your shows
  • A stage plot (or two, for alternatives)
  • A tech rider that outlines your backline and any specific technical needs.

We can help you with all these things. Costs vary depending on what you already have (photos, video etc) and what you need to put together.

Every band is different, so we do not offer set packages – however we can work with any budget. Start small and add as you go, or make a big splash if you’ve got some backing.

In addition to EPK services, we offer:

  • full website design & management
  • social media support
  • contract/booking services with promoters, including tech/hospitality riders
  • travel / tour coordination (we work with you to make it smooth)
  • poster, CD & swag design services (tshirts, hats, underwear, stickers, grocery bags… whatever!)

Contact us at tinshackcreative@gmail.com when you’re ready to make the leap!