Rachel Lark – Vagenius Tour

Cumberland welcomes San Francisco’s one-and-only Rachel Lark – the reigning queen of feminist folk and sex-positive musical social commentary – Live at the Abbey Studio, Saturday October 24, 730pm.

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Come join the fun at the Abbey!
7:30 pm (Doors open at 7).

$20  BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE. Also available at Bop City Records. Limited seating, get ’em early.

Let’s face it. Rachel lark is a singer/songwriter who sings about sex, drugs, heartbreak, and messy apartments… and the things in our society that demonstrate how much work we have to do to take better care of each other.

She’s been called “one of the world’s leading feminist singer/songwriters” by Feminist Philosophers and has been hailed as being “in the league of Tim Minchin, Stephen Sondheim, and Tom Lehrer” by sex writer, Dan Savage.

Her sets are equal parts passionate, thoughtful songwriting, and inventive, electronically driven dance beats. She’s been knocking the US West Coast Festival scene off its feet, performing energetic sets at Symbiosis, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Tourette’s Without Regrets, Burning Man, and more, and her most recent music video, Warm, Bloody, and Tender earned her the title of “the poster girl for period sex” from Salon Magazine.

Arriving in Cumberland direct from Portland, Oregon, Lark’s only other stop in BC is in Vancouver, then she returns to the US for the remainder of her tour. When asked by Salon.com “How does performing these kinds of songs … affect what you write?” Lark responded with, “For one thing, the community of perverts and sex positive weirdos are the most supportive crowd you could hope for… They’re so excited to [hear] people talking about this stuff and sharing it and being honest and dirty and unashamed. It’s fun because I write these songs in my room by myself. You never really know until you get in front of an audience if they’re actually funny or if they’re weird.”

Recently reviewed by music writer, Esther Sanchez, her songs were described as “the most hilarious songs on taboo topics I have ever heard… If you listen closely, it becomes clear that the angel-faced performer is highly skilled at communicating radical, sometimes eye-popping messages through her songs… This petite, songstress is in a category all her own and if I was you, I wouldn’t miss out.”

Bring a cushion! (or a blanket, or heck, bring a mattress to share… ) Seating is varied and eclectic. (and limited, so don’t wait!)

There will be an intermission.
NOTE: For the unsuspecting and uninitiated… there is, indeed, graphic and explicit content in Rachel’s show. Now you know.
More: https://www.facebook.com/larksongs
or her website: www.rachellark.com