Black Spruce Bog… and some special guests

We are delighted to help out our friends at Cumberland Village Works with bringing some emerging talent to the Waverley Hotel, in Cumberland.


Our pals, Black Spruce Bog, from Prince George, are making a much anticipated stop in Cumberland on their Vancouver Island tour. Two members of the band, Eric WB and Amy Blanding (WB), are lovely humans that we grew to love during our time on the Sunshine Coast. These dynamic and devoted soulmates make beautiful music, even without instruments, and we are just soooo excited to get to share a meal with them under the guise of presenting their show!

The music of Black Spruce Bog straddles the tree line that separates the last of the boreal forest from the arctic tundra; it rides the rails west to Rupert with the Lorne Creek Mountain man; and it shares a brew, a laugh, and a deep sigh with a pulp mill broke hustler. There are many people who choose not to live in this limbo-like space between wilderness, traditional territories, and industry. But those who do have the most kick ass stories to tell.

Friday November 7, 930pm – WAVERLEY HOTEL, Cumberland. Tix and more info HERE


Starting the evening is a special treat from Cumberland’s own Josie Eileen – who isn’t yet old enough to actually go to the Waverley if she’s not performing, but is destined to be a regular on its stage… and many others. Her unique, fierce and quirky musical meanderings and vocal shenanigans leave no-one wondering who she is. Joined by her dad, Tim Patterson, on banjo & guitar, and a couple more surprise guests, be sure an arrive on time so you can say you saw her when…